The New Norm for Aestheticians

The New Norm for Aestheticians

Noush Ganey

For many of us all over the world, our lives have been changed forever as the Novel Coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the globe. As aestheticians or business owners, COVID-19 and the resultant lockdowns have altered the dynamics of our profession and skincare centers worldwide and brought the industry to a near standstill.

Being in the industry for many years, we have established our regular clientele and rely on our businesses to be operational as per usual; however, we are all aware that our clinics would never resume to the usual. As skin experts, our specialties lie in providing professional services that require close physical contact, thereby allowing our clients to feel that confidence the feeling of being spoilt or pampered by means of touch and delivering treatments in achieving their skin care goals.

How do we achieve that NOW with the NEW NORM?

Let us first stop and revaluate ourselves and our thought processes, step away from negativity and depression and embrace the positive side of our human nature and spirit. As we venture forward, we must re-invent our mindset and business thinking to adapt to a new way of operating.

People want to go back to being as normal as possible, want to have a skin treatment, exercise, eat out, socialize, and enjoy as normal a life as possible without fear and apprehension. It is necessary to avoid or recover from the depression and PTSD syndrome caused by drastic lifestyle changes and impact due to COVID-19. People, clients, and consumers are looking to emerge!

How Do We Adapt To The NEW NORM?

  • Hygiene is key, introduce new protocols prior to treatments
  • Have a questionnaire: most people are asymptomatic and infective prior to displaying any symptoms.
  • Introduce a non-contact thermometer at your clinic doors
  • Hand Sanitizers need to visible and for you and your clients to use
  • Face masks for yourself as well as clinic staff
  • New set of disposable bed wraps that you can change in the presence of your clients
  • Adapt to current treatment techniques to offer regular skin treatments by means of limiting direct contact skin to skin without compromising efficacy
  • Introduce the use of cleansing brushers during treatments
  • Gloves to be worn at all times
  • Additional PPE (gowns; face shields to protect yourself as well as give your client a sense of comfort being in a sterile environment)
    Introduce virtual consultations for those consumers that are perhaps high risk, not well enough or unable to see you, they too still require good skin care
  • Education is key. Consumers need you more now than before, with the use of strong alcohol and washing your hands so often, our skin barriers are compromised; there is more skin irritation with the frequent use of face masks and only YOU can change that for the consumers
  • Introduce an online presence for you skin center, there will always be consumers looking for good skin care products
  • Provide online tutorials, which would open new opportunities for your skin clinic
  • COVID-19 has brought about new and innovative ways of growing our businesses

In summary, as an aesthetician and skin clinic owner: Accept, Adapt and Educate your customers to be positive and welcoming to the new norm.

NEW Norm = Normal + Just Better!

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