Four Steps to Great Skin

Whether you’re a power user or a minimalist – if you prefer a lengthy or brief at home regimen – luxurious or businesslike — these steps MUST be included. Regimens comprehensively addressing these four needs of all skin might require only two (2) products or six+ (6+) products; yet all, without fail, should include these four (4) steps of CLEANSE, TREAT, HYDRATE, PROTECT.  

iS CLINICAL focuses on these four (4) steps of skin care because doing so fully respects the skin’s own natural processes. Furthermore, the integration of products with this innate biology gives users the optimal results most desired. These steps are easily understood — simple but not too simplistic. Regimens supported by this organizational backbone comprehensively address the skin concerns coming from all consumers. Each of these essential steps must be included in every regimen, although regimens of differing complexity may be designed by both professionals and home users. 


Throughout the process of normal exfoliation, debris collects on the skin surface. Many components contribute to this accumulation including exhausted cells, degraded barrier lipids, oxidized sebum, pollution and dirt. Ingredients in a good cleanser should thoroughly cleanse and encourage exfoliation gently yet effectively. All skin types require this step although it may be especially critical for oily or blemish-prone skin. This step also prepares the skin for those portions of the regimen that follow. 


Everyone’s skin needs a little help to look its best. Issues to be treated depend upon the user’s individual skin concerns and age. Here’s where many iS CLINICAL products shine – and deliver optimum results. The TREAT step may be simple or complex, depending upon preference. 


Past the age of sixty, the complaint of dry skin is almost universal. However, even the young are at risk of skin dehydration through environmental exposure or lifestyle. And all of us, through the always-occurring aging process, progressively lose the ability to synthesize our own water-retaining hyaluronic acid and other vital molecules day-by-day. 


The skin experiences damage from within and from without. Constant free radical hits originate from normal metabolism within cells but also from environmental sources like the sun, pollution, ambient tobacco smoke, blue light and a variety of other ambient toxins. Unprotected skin ages much faster and experiences unnecessarily rapid declines in function and beauty. 

Healthy, beautiful skin is much easier to achieve through a regimen composed of these four steps of skin care. 

Custom regimens using iS CLINICAL products may be designed to benefit all types of skin and skin concerns. Product combinations and regimen complexities vary almost infinitely and depend upon individual preference, skin concern and pocketbook. In future postings, individual skin concerns and specific regimens designed to benefit these will be discussed. These include a concise regimen for the minimalist and regimens for acne/blemish-prone skin, aging, hyperpigmentation, sensitive skin, rosacea, sensitive skin, dry skin and rosacea.