Prodigy Peel System Certification Course

Welcome to our Prodigy Peel System Certification Course! 

Course Requirements: The Prodigy Peel System
Certification Course is open to all US Domestic Partners of iS Clinical
who have been a Partner for at least 12 months and possess a valid
Aesthetician’s license

The Prodigy Peel Systems are designed to help provide a more
luminous, smoother, and clearer complexion with minimal downtime. 

The Prodigy Peel System is a superficial peel system
designed to address fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne,
superficial scars, and other concerns associated with photoaging.

Through this extensive course, you will learn about the
ingredients and formulations of the Prodigy Peel System, contraindications, and
pre-and post-peel care. This course offers your practice the necessary training
and education to make the Prodigy Peel System the next best treatment in your
treatment rooms.


Course Length: 45 Minutes

What's included?

Take a look at the lessons below for a preview of what's included in the course.

Global Virtual Advanced Seminar