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The New Norm for Aestheticians

Written by: Noush Ganey

As aestheticians or business owners, COVID-19 and the resultant lockdowns have altered the dynamics of our profession and skincare centers worldwide and brought the industry to a near standstill. As we venture forward, we must re-invent our mindset and business thinking to adapt to a new way of operating.

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Clinical At Home Skin Care For Hyperpigmentation

Written by: Dr Charlene DeHaven

Hyperpigmentation and pigmentary irregularities can make skin appear older and less healthy. Studies show that someone looking at another person will perceive their age to be ten (10) to twelve (12) years older if that person’s face shows uneven areas of increased pigmentation. Pigment occurs in skin through a sequential process of five (5) steps.

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Increase Expectations, Increase Results!

Written by: Tyler Peters

Without high expectations, most of us would probably wallow in the realm of mediocrity. Be honest with yourself. When is the last time you examined your expectations, personally and professionally? It is a crucial thing to do regularly, to revisit – and reset – what you know you are capable of accomplishing.

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Stress And Skin

Written by: Dr Charlene DeHaven

Skin is not only the largest organ in the body but is responsible for several critical functions – including barrier protection, immunity, and temperature and water regulation. Performance of these roles is impaired by stress. Skin also influences the portrayal of beauty, health, cleanliness, and age.

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Hand Treatment For Hands That Have Been Washed Too Often

Written by: Dr. Charlene DeHaven

Here’s some help for hands that have been washed A LOT in the past few weeks. All of us should be washing our hands much more frequently than we did prior to the Coronavirus pandemic. This is something we are all doing for the greater good. This practice helps prevent the viral spread to individuals and delays the spread of the virus to the larger population. This “blunts the incidence curve” to help our healthcare system with the overwhelm.

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The Importance Of Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace

Written by: Katherine Medina

This fairly new concept was developed in the 1990’s by psychologists John Mayer and Peter Salovey, and was further popularized by the 1995 bestseller Emotional Intelligence, authored by science journalist Daniel Coleman. The term “emotional Intelligence” refers to “the ability to monitor one’s own and other people’s emotions, to discriminate between different emotions and label them appropriately, and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior.” More simply put, emotional intelligence informs the ways we manage our own behavior, navigate social complexities and make personal decisions to achieve positive results.

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Treatment For Tired Eyes

Written by: Dr. Charlene Dehaven

The eye area is not only the first to show signs of aging, but also to reveal signs of stress and fatigue. It’s especially important to care for the delicate periorbital skin since the eyes “are the windows to the soul” and the first part of the face noticed by someone when greeting another.

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