Zoom FAQ


If you are registering or joining a webinar and haven’t received an email confirmation that’s for a panelist or alternative host, you are an attendee in the webinar. As an attendee, you can mute/unmute your audio, virtually raise your hand, and send messages to others.

Note: Some attendee controls won’t be available if disabled by the host. If you have additional controls not shown here, you may be a co-host or panelist in a webinar or an attendee in a meeting.

Joining a webinar by invitation link

To join the webinar, click the link that the host provided you or that you received in the confirmation page after you registered. If the host sent a registration confirmation email, the link can also be found there.

Manually joining a webinar

Locate the 9-digit meeting ID/webinar ID from your registration email. It may appear at the end of the phone dial-in information, or it will be in the join link, just after https://zoom.us/w/

1. Sign in to the Zoom Desktop Client or Mobile App.
2. Click or tap Join a Meeting.
3. Enter the 9-digit webinar ID, and click Join or tap Join Meeting.
4. If prompted, enter your name and email address, then click Join Webinar or tap Join.

Waiting for the host to start the webinar

If the host hasn’t started broadcasting the webinar or is preparing using a practice session, you’ll receive the following message:

If you receive a message showing the date and time of the webinar, check the the date and start time of the webinar including the time zone. Make sure to join when the webinar starts.

Webinar controls

Audio Settings (only visible if the host hasn’t granted you permission to talk): Change your audio settings. You can also click the upward arrow (^) next to change your speaker.

Unmute/Mute: If the host gives you permission, you can unmute and talk during the webinar. All participants will be able to hear you. If the host allows you to talk, you will receive a notification.

Note: You can still access the audio settings by click on the ^ arrow next to the Unmute/Mute button.

Chat: Open in-meeting chat, allowing you to send chat messages to and send a message to the host, panelists, and attendees (if permitted).

Raise HandRaise your hand in the webinar to indicate that you need something from the host. The host may instruct you on how they plan to use this. Many webinar hosts use this feature to know if an attendee has a question and would like to speak out loud.

Question & Answer: Open the Q&A window, allowing you to ask questions to the host and panelists. They can either reply back to you via text in the Q&A window or answer your question live. 

To ask a question:

1. Type your question into the Q&A box. Click Send.
Note:Check Send Anonymously if you do not want your name attached to your question in the Q&A.

2. If the host replies via the Q&A, you will see a reply in the Q&A window.

The host can also answer your question live (out loud). You will see a notification in the Q&A window if the host plans to do this.

As an attendee you can also like or comment on other attendee’s questions. This helps the host or participant identify popular questions, especially in a webinar with many attendees.

1. Click the thumbs up icon to like a comment.
Tip: The number beside the icon is the total number of likes the question has received so far.

2. Click the red thumbs up icon to unlike a comment.

3. Click Comment to write a reply to an existing question.

4. Type your comment and click Send.
Your comment will appear beneath the question.

Leave meeting: Click Leave meeting to leave the webinar at any time. If you leave, you can rejoin if the webinar is still in progress, as long as the host has not locked the webinar.

Raising your hand in a webinar

The raise hand feature in webinar allows attendees to raise their hand to indicate that they need something from the host or panelists. As a host, it may be helpful to inform your participants how you would like to use this feature at the start of the webinar. For example, many webinar hosts use this feature to know if an attendee has a question and would like to be unmuted to speak.

1. Click Raise Hand in the Webinar Controls.
2. The host will be notified that you’ve raised your hand.
3. Click Lower Hand to lower it if needed.

• Windows: You can also use the Alt+Y keyboard shortcut to raise or lower your hand.
• Mac: You can also use the Option+Y keyboard shortcut to raise or lower your hand.

How to place your Grubhub order

How do I log in? 

In the top, right-hand corner of the Grubhub home page, click “Sign in” and enter your email address and password. Your login is the email you used to sign up for your account. You can also sign in using your Facebook or Google account.

Which payment methods does Grubhub accept?

Grubhub accepts all major credit cards, Grubhub Gift Cards, Paypal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Amex Express Checkout. Certain payment methods may only be available on the app or when using certain browsers. You can also pay in cash for orders from certain restaurants.

How do I redeem my Grubhub gift card?

Follow these steps:
1. Select the food you would like to order.
2. Redeem your gift card when you check out by clicking the “Add a gift card” link.
3. Enter your gift card code in the field and click “Add to my account”. Your gift card will be linked to your Grubhub account and applied to your order total.
4. Any remaining balance will never expire and is yours to use on future orders. You may use multiple gift cards per order. 

How do I redeem my Grubhub gift card?

Enter your address in the search field on the Grubhub homepage, and choose whether you would like delivery or pickup. Your search results will either be restaurants that deliver to that address or restaurants offering pickup near you. You can also sort your results based on distance or rating

How do I check the status of my recent order?

If you’re logged in, you’ll see the status of your order on the Grubhub homepage under “Your orders.” To locate your order, click “Track your order” from your confirmation email or the Contact us page.

Contact the restaurant or Grubhub Customer Care if you still need help. Check your order confirmation email for the restaurant’s phone number.

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