Welcome to the Nashville Advanced Seminar and 2023 Sales Conference

To Our Territory Business Managers

Please utilize this page daily throughout the Advanced Seminar and Sales Conference as it provides the most up-to-date schedule information. As you should be viewing this page through the iS Clinical EDU Mobile App, please ensure your notifications are turned on so you are notified of all incoming messages through our Sales Team Chatbox!  We hope this keeps all team members connected throughout the day and helps communicate any changes to the schedule if needed.

Sales Team Chatbox

This chatbox is attended to communicate any updates throughout each day by corporate team members and the Territory Business Managers. Please utilize the chatbox below for any questions you may have during the Advanced Seminar and Sales Conference.

Advanced Seminar and Sales Conference Agenda

Contact Information

Tyler Wilbanks

Sales Conference

Angela Johnson

Advanced Seminar/ Hotel Reservations

Stephanie Ruiz

Product Regimen Videos/ Headshot Schedule

Brickell Travel Agency

Flight Information

Signature Transportation

Car Service To/From Airport

2024 Global Advanced Seminar