How to Get Your Business Moving Forward with Strength and Confidence

How to Get Your Business Moving Forward with Strength and Confidence

As we all continue to adapt to new ways of life, develop innovate approaches for conducting business and wonder about what the future might hold, I encourage everyone to partake in a little CPR. This means Communicating, Planning and Reacting to events that are impacting the world around us. The way we communicate, especially now, holds the key to how we perceive this global crisis in our personal, as well as our professional lives.

Reacting is the one aspect I would really like to emphasize here. Those of us who have simply put our lives on pause, hoping for the play button to activate very soon, will be most surprised and least prepared for the new “norm”. Reacting and actively working on new opportunities, as well as adapting to new ways of doing business, will help us emerge stronger. We should all think of this as a new opportunity, a new venture….to MARS. By Motivating, Analyzing, Reassuring and Stimulating those around us, together we can achieve more. 

Identifying some new strategies for conducting business

Provide virtual consultations to clients and patients

Since virtual consults can pose their own unique variables and challenges, it may be helpful to connect with your team to practice and share tips for adding value and providing a worthwhile experience to clients and patients.

Call every client and patient

For a more personal touch, you can have a clinician or a doctor reach out to clients and patients directly to see how they’re doing, provide support and reassurance, and review their daily skin care regimens and product needs. This highly personal approach and extra care is bound to build loyalty and lead to strong long-term relationships with your clients and patients. You could also offer no-cost shipping or pick-up service.

Develop a webstore and promote it on social media

To ensure your clients never run out of product, add a “Subscribe” button to your online store. Right now, subscription services are on the rise and with some added incentives, like offering savings when products are auto-shipped, you can make the most of this trend. Other incentives to try: let clients choose a custom delivery schedule (every 1, 2 or 3 months), offer free shipping on subscriptions, and allow them to modify or cancel at any time.

Create an online product catalog

This is ideal for small businesses that do not have an online store. Make it easy for your clients and patients to order skin care products by creating an online catalog with product image, size and price. You can put it on your website or e-blast it to your clients and patients.  

Hold a flash sale on lower cost treatments that offer instant results

A great example would be the Fire & Ice Treatment and injectables. If your office is closed, you can have your clients or patients make a deposit over the phone and book an appointment at a later time.

Reschedule for when the clinic re-opens

By proactively reaching out to your clients and patients, you are providing them with a convenient opportunity to choose a date in the future. Since people will also likely be returning to work around the same time, you may want to suggest treatments with little to no downtime after. 

Plan a fun virtual event

A great example would be Virtual Girls Night where your clients and patients invite friends to partake in educational lectures on skin care, share self-care tips and maybe watch a demo of an at-home facial.

What products and treatments should you promote right now?

Products that are Multitasking

With many experiencing financial hardships currently, focusing on a product that can target multiple skin concerns will highlight a more cost-effective option that will still produce quick visible results. A great example would be our perennial bestseller ACTIVE SERUM. Some others to consider: YOUTH INTENSIVE CRÈME, YOUTH COMPLEX, and WHITE LIGHTENING COMPLEX.

NEW At-Home Facial Collections

Engage your clients and patients with two at-home facial protocols we’ve recently created: SMOOTH & SOOTHE FACIAL and WARM UP, COOL DOWN FACIAL. They are ideal for all ages, skin types and skin conditions. Promote these at-home facials and educate your audience on how to treat their skin by creating Instagram stories, going live on social media, and sending out e-blasts.

Products for Irritated Skin

Many are experiencing skin irritation from prolonged use of masks or hands dryness from over-washing, especially those in the healthcare industry, and are looking for product(s) to combat these side effects. Recommend PRO-HEAL SERUM ADVANCE+ and SHEALD RECOVERY BALM to soothe the skin, replenish and reduce irritation. You can also use Instagram stories to share short videos on this topic. Support this initiative by donating products to your local hospitals.

Products for an At-Home Eye Treatment

Anxiety and lack of sleep can lead to puffy, tired looking eyes, but with the at-home EYE BRIGHT treatment, you can address these concerns quickly and easily. Mix one drop each of C EYE ADVANCE+ and HYDRA-COOL SERUM and apply to the eye area. Leave on for 10 minutes while you close your eyes and relax. You can remove any excess product with a warm towel and end by applying YOUTH EYE COMPLEX. This treatment is a great complement to any at-home facial to brighten and rejuvenate the eye area. 

Products for Stress-Induced Skin Conditions

Promote products for stress-induced conditions such as rosacea, acne and eczema, which are more likely to flare up during this trying time. ACTIVE SERUM is our go-to product for acne, PRO-HEAL SERUM ADVANCE+ is our most powerful anti-inflammatory and the top pick for rosacea, and POLY-VITAMIN SERUM (with 40% hyaluronic acid) is an excellent TREAT product for eczema.

Products for Protecting Skin from Blue Light

Blue light causes free radical damage and can actually penetrate deeper into the skin than both UVA and UVB rays. As a matter of fact, it can penetrate all the way to our dermis, where our collagen and elastin live, leading to premature aging of the skin. It can also cause photodamage. Promote our powerful antioxidants such as GENEXC SERUM, SUPER SERUM ADVANCE+ and PRO-HEAL SERUM ADVANCE+ that can protect your skin from free radical damage caused by blue light emitted by computer screens and digital devices. 

Provide Education & Training

  • Host live webinars. Engagement is key!
  • Conduct virtual trainings.
  • Promote and utilize the iS CLINICAL Education website. 
  • Partner with a top doctor to host webinars and Go Live events. You can select a topic that is particularly relevant right now (ex. self-care tips, at-home facial treatments, caring for over-washed hands, soothing skin irritation caused by prolonged wear of protective masks) or you can have a Q&A where you answer frequently asked questions or questions from your virtual audience. This is a fantastic way to engage, provide valuable advice from a highly respected source and generate more interest in the brand. You can also post the webinars to YouTube and other social media channels!

Use Social Media to Engage and Generate Sales

  • Go Live! You can share self-care tips, showcase a multi-tasking product that you love, or discuss a skin concern that is relevant to the current times. 
  • Record a short video or post about at-home facial protocols.
  • Conduct a poll on social media to learn what your audience would most like to see and then raffle off a hero product.

Your energy impacts others. Whether you spread negativity or act as a beacon of light is up to you.

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