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Best At Home Skin Regimen For Aging Skin


Aging is a multifactorial process involving free radical damage, inflammatory processes, glycation and genetic/epigenetic factors. All of these continue throughout life but may be in large part countered by a well-designed skin care regimen.  

  • FREE RADICAL DAMAGE or oxidative stress in skin is mostly related to sun exposure and resultant skin damage from the absorption of solar energy. For skin, about eighty-five (85) percent of free radical damage originates from the sun with the remaining fifteen (15) percent coming from cellular metabolic energy creation, pollution, ambient tobacco smoke and other toxins. 
  • INFLAMMATION accompanies all events that are injurious to skin, including free radical damage, skin diseases, surgical treatments and laser treatments. Furthermore, inflammatory processes are self-perpetuating and, unless checked, will maintain themselves for a very long time before exhaustion. Science has proven that inflammation and aging processes are so strongly linked that a single term is now used – “inflammaging.” 
  • GLYCATION is the chemical reaction occurring when a sugar, like glucose, is attached to a protein, like collagen. With this reaction and as the glycated collagen becomes brittle and fails to hold its shape against gravity, skin loses its youthful resilience and sagging occurs.  Since collagen is the most common protein found in the body and most collagen is found in skin, glycation is a key process of skin aging. Glycation increases with aging, skin inflammation of all sorts, obesity and diseases like diabetes. 
  • GENETICS/EPIGENETICS are two (2) sides of the same coin and both relate to DNA, the genetic code within skin cells. Each person’s genetic makeup talks to their skin but epigenetic factors – including diet, exercise, and the skin care products applied to skin – also certainly speak to our genes and turn them off or on, regulating and contributing to overall skin health. 

Correctly chosen skin care products and the ingredients within them can dramatically slow aging processes. However, all skin care products are not created equal and only the best ones optimally slow the velocity of aging.

The introductory and advanced home regimens below cover all four (4) required steps to great skin – CLEANSE, TREAT, HYDRATE, PROTECT. 

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